Churning the ocean is directly related to the Kumbh Mela festival. Since it took 12 days (12 years of humans) to carry the Amrit to heaven, the Kumbh is held at sacred places in every 12 years. The place of Kumbh festival is calculated by the sequence of planets and stars state at 12th year. As per Vedas, the Sun is admitted as a soul life, the Moon as lord of mind, and Brihaspati (Jupiter) is considered as Guru of Gods. Jupiter takes 12 years to transverse the complete zodiac and 3 years to move from one constellation to other. The Maha Kumbh is celebrated every 12 years when Jupiter enters Aquarius. Aquarius is also symbolized as a pot pouring elixir on earth. When the Jupiter enters other constellations, smaller Kumbh Mela is held at one of these 4 places in accordance where Jupiter is.

kumbhmela 2019


In the event of when Jupiter enters Aquarius (Kumbh) and the Sun and Moon in Aries and Sagittarius respectively.

kumbhmela 2019

Prayag (Allahabad)

When Jupiter is in Taurus (Vrishabha) and the Sun and Moon are in Capricorn (Makara).

kumbhmela 2019

Nashik and Trimbakeshwar

When the Jupiter enters Leo (Simha) and the Sun and Moon in Cancer.

kumbhmela 2019


When Jupiter is in Leo and Sun and Moon in Aries.

Since Jupiter is in zodiac Simha, the Kumbh Mela held at Trimbakeshwar, Nashik and Ujjain is called as Simhastha Kumbh.

Allahabad Kumbh Mela Bathing Dates 2019

Date (2019) Day Event
14/15th January Monday / Tuesday Makar Sankranti (1st Shahi Snan)
21st January Monday Paush Purnima
04th February Monday Mauni Amavasya (Main Royal Bath -2nd Shahi Snan)
10th February Sunday Basant Panchami (3rd Shahi Snan)
19th February Tuesday Maghi Purnima
04th March Monday Maha Shivratri
Kumbhmela 2019